Aaron Chacon, M.S., CNS - Testimonial

Aaron Chacon, M.S., CNS - Testimonial


            I have been studying nutrition for over 10 years, working with thousands of clients, all with the philosophy of treating education as the backbone for success. This idea becomes very applicable when investigating supplements - truly uncovering what works, and what simply claims to work. I feel it is necessary to understand what you're ingesting - not merely relying on hype and adverting. If we break down the ingredients in Interval Nutrition's Intra Nourish, we can see why this is a vastly superior supplement.

            Beta alanine, for example, is an amino acid that when dosed properly will increase your body's capacity for muscular work. It accomplishes this by buffering against the inherent increase in acidity from resistance exercise, specifically from hydrogen ions. These hydrogen ions are a by-product of resistance training which lead to muscular fatigue. Beta alanine not only allows your body to handle a larger acidic load (which in turn allows you to reap more from your training session), but also increases the potential for growth hormone production. It’s important to understand that beta alanine isn’t targeting lactic acid. Rather, it’s buffering against the hydrogen ions that are created as a result of lactic acid production. The body then is able to sustain longer bouts of muscular contractions despite the build-up of lactic acid  and thus, a greater potential for larger growth hormone responses. Clearly, it's an invaluable supplement that should be a part of every lifter's arsenal.

            I have been writing about the importance of understanding the pathways responsible for muscle growth for some time now. Protein hydrolysates are one of the most effective ways at accomplishing this goal. Peptopro is a casein hydrolysate which, in my opinion, is the best option for intra-workout supplementation. It's unique in that it is neither an intact, whole protein nor a group of free amino acids. Instead, it's mainly comprised of di- and tri-peptides. These are links of amino acids, two and three long. During the training session, these are superior to regular, intact protein (such as regular whey). Peptopro is absorbed much, much faster than intact proteins. It is now generally accepted that only di- and tri-peptides, which remain AFTER digestion, are still absorbed intact. This means our bodies can rebuild muscle tissue much more effectively and prevent muscle protein breakdown.

            Peptopro, coupled with highly branched cylic dextrin provides the body with everything needed for muscle growth, maintenance, and repair. Cyclic dextrin is unique due to its shape and distribution of its molecular weight. Imagine a cone shape, hollow in the middle, with most of its weight being at the very tip. This is an extremely important point as this shape and molecular weight allows for easy digestion. The high molecular weight means blood will not be shunted from the working muscle to the gut - absolutely crucial during your workout. Moreover, when combined with Peptopro, it acts as a high-speed carrier, quickly partitioning nutrients into the working muscle.

            Intra Nourish is a complete supplement, truly providing the nutrients necessary to maximize the potential for muscle growth. It provides the formula for achieving those long, sought-after gains. All that's left is how much your willing to work to reap its benefits.

- Aaron Chacon, M.S., CNS


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