John Woodward MD, MS - Testimonial

John Woodward MD, MS - Testimonial

Lipo Nourish

My experience using Lipo Nourish has been a great tool to add to my practice, particularly with my patients dealing with IBS, flatulence and bloating.  When taken with a meal Lipo Nourish seems to cut the bloat and help with digestion.  The combination of products is perfect for this patient population especially with the powder formulation and the array of digestive enzymes.

Pre-nourish and Intra nourish.

I am particularly excited to comment about my personal use of Pre-Nourish and Intra-nourish for those in my clinic who are looking for advanced therapeutic nutrition to support those who train with the intensity and vigor that demands advanced nutrition techniques to achieve the gains and put their hard work into the results they seek!

- John Woodward MD, MS


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