Nutritional Guidelines

Nutritional Guidelines

Nutritional Guidelines

  • All food is measured and weighed cooked except for oatmeal
    •  Broccoli can be subbed for any other fibrous carb
        • not corn or carrots
      •  Protein sources can be switched up at times for change as long as the macros meet:
            • chicken, turkey, fish, eggs and occasional lean beef 
          •  Carbs as well stick to:
              • rice, oats, potatoes, sweets, grits and cream o rice
            • Condiments you can use hot sauce, mustard, salsa and small amounts of ketchup or bbq sauce (1 tablespoon), spices are ok in moderation.
              •  Post workout meal - directly after training within 45 minutes - 1 hour max eat whatever meal in line with your schedule. 
                •  Drink 3/4-1 gallon of water a day

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